Come on Glee… get with the programme


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I’m a Glee fan – not ashamed of it. The music isn’t always to my taste but you can guarantee a good Sue Sylvester one-liner to heal any temporary hurt caused by the occasional cringe-worthy cover…

Now – finally – the new series is here and I watched the first episode biting my nails as we were introduced to this year’s small cohort of new characters – which we know, can make or break any TV Series. Saved By The Bell – The New Class severely missed the mark for me, so I always watch with caution. Once bitten et al.

Luckily, the new characters are good – and I’d be happy to watch on and completely relax into what I’m sure will be a great new series – except for one big bee in my bonnet…

In last weeks episode we saw the two newbies – Marley and Jake having a bit of a sneaky duet as part of ‘Britney Week 2.0’ with a cool acoustic arrangement, which though nice – isn’t exactly new for Glee. To me – the Glee folks really missed a trick here… Marley is a brand new character on the scene – She wears flat-caps and her Mum is a morbidly obese dinner lady with a heart of gold.Wouldn’t it have been great it she was a guitarist too?

It wouldn’t have been hard… and I don’t think it would have upset the dynamic of the scene at all to have Marley playing her Britney cover on acoustic guitar which she played herself; rather than the usual bloke with guitar on his chest coming in to provide accompaniment. 

It seems like all the male characters in Glee are playing guitars, basses and drums while the girls are left with cheerleading storylines and dilemmas over whether they have enough sex-appeal to attain their broadway dreams {massive yawn}.

I don’t know what the rest of the season will hold… but if we can see one of the regular heroines, just once, pick up an acoustic guitar and play it – then I’ll jump for joy. And no… Quinn playing the chords while Sam does the rest doesn’t count.

Come on Glee… its 2013


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