Digital Downloads, VAT and the swearing edited out.


…Not really the way I wanted to go into the new year I’ll admit. Words like “promise” and “adventure” and “chapter” often hang in the air at this time of year happily under last week’s mistletoe and over charged glasses. Sadly I’m capping off this monster of a year with a pint full of VAT with a coalition-government-giving-small-businesses-another-big-crack-in-the-ribs chaser. Cheers. 

Bandcamp have been blogging with updates but as yet nothing is really crystal clear. As things stand, I have signed the petition, am waiting for a response from my MP, hoping for more backbone from the Musician’s Union but ultimately I am not registered currently for VAT so I have taken my digital albums off Bandcamp until I’ve worked out whether it’s truly safe to go back into the water!

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